• Cost of Ownership: Carpet vs Hardwood

    Its time to replace your carpet and you have a decision to make. Will you choose a brand new fluffy carpet or go with the luxurious hardwood? The first thing you might consider is the price. The average cost of a hardwood flooring plus installation is $10 per square foot. Whereas the cost of entry-level carpet can be half the cost around $5 per square foot. So why spend the extra money when you can spend it on a nice steak dinner instead? Let’s find out why so many Americans are now choosing hardwood over carpet and what financial implications there are to ownership. Continue reading →
  • Designer's Tips for Selecting Hardwood Floors in 2018

    Seduced by its authentic character and its warm appearance, you have chosen a wooden floor. But you still have to create an atmosphere by determining a style and a finish for your first home. We've talked to some top Interior Designers and Decorators about tips to help you choose your hardwood floors. Continue reading →
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