• Introduction to Stair Installation

    Adding Wood Stairs to Your Project You have thought long and hard about what new flooring to add to your home. Between carpet, tile, and wood flooring there are many choices to go through. Deciding on a wood floor not only adds value to your home, but also feels cleaner and lasts longer than most materials. It can be added...
  • Amorim Cork Flooring: Walk On Amazing

    You may not have heard of cork material being used as a flooring surface, but Amorim has been in the cork business for over half a century. Cork flooring is an incredibly resilient and eco-friendly surface that can add many health benefits to your home. From heat retention, natural insulation, and a Greenguard Gold certification for having next to zero...
  • 3 Ways To Save On Your Flooring Project

    One of the biggest and most long-term investments in your home is your flooring. Once you put it in, it's here to stay. Hardwood flooring gives you the most flexibility to not only having a long-lasting material but also to make color changes with a little bit of sanding down the road.  So, the big question here is, what can you do to add quality wood flooring without spending a fortune? Continue reading →
  • Alternative Uses for Leftover Wood Floors

    When buying wood flooring its always a good idea to have just a little extra before installing. It gives you the option to pick through the boards for the right color, always having that right size that you need to pull together the look that will be in your home for a lifetime.  Continue reading →
  • Hardwood Stairs: An Introduction To Endless Possibilities

    So you are finally picked out your favorite floor from the showroom. Its probably taken a lot of thinking over all the different colors and wood types you can use. But wait, what is that you are missing? It is something you use every day without even realizing it is a part of your flooring. That’s right, it's your stair treads and risers. Looking at them you are probably thinking, how are those done? it looks so complicated. Putting in wood stairs to with your flooring doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Here we will walk you through some of the things to think about before installing your wood stairs. Continue reading →
  • Should My Floors Match My Cabinets?

    Cabinets and hardwood floors in your home go together like salt and pepper, Romeo and Juliet, Batman and Robin… you get the idea. Picking out a floor or cabinet you like is an easy task and in the end, should work just as well together. However, it becomes increasingly difficult once you’ve already selected one and must make sure the other makes a good sidekick. After all, they’ll forever be an inseparable pair in the world of your homes décor. Continue reading →
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