Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a classic home building material due to their natural beauty and long-lasting durability. The combination of a distinguished look and excellent resale value makes them one of the most used materials for floors today.

With a wide variety of hardwood flooring options available on the market today, we want to provide our readers with useful information about selecting the perfect hardwood floor for your project, as well as the technical and aesthetic aspects of hardwood.

From classic hardwood floors to innovative new products, we offer valuable insight about the various styles of hardwood, as well as the finishes and construction uses for each. As hardwood floors are constantly evolving, we regularly update the section to keep our readers informed of new products and uses for the traditional wood flooring.

  • Asian Walnut: A Unique, Distinctive and Durable Option

    If you are looking for unique flooring options, a little research into today’s trends is surely worth the effort. There are a few unique options now reaching our markets that may deserve strong consideration. One of the more unconventional choices that are rapidly increasing in popularity is the Asian Walnut wood floor. Asian Walnut, or Acacia as it is sometimes called, is a very tough little tree common to the aridest areas of Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and Australia. Its unique grain pattern makes it a perfect choice for open concept rooms and interior spaces. The wood’s distinctive grain pattern, large swirls, and loose grain structure give it one of the most unique appearances of any wood species. Continue reading →
  • Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

    The demand for cork flooring has boomed in the last few years, as more people look for environmentally friendly wood flooring and discover the many benefits of this beautiful material. An educated consumer remains the wisest shopper, and it helps all in the industry to discuss not only the advantages of cork flooring but also the disadvantages this material may bring to your living space. Consider both the pros and cons of cork wood flooring before you buy. You may find that this beautiful flooring suits your home. Continue reading →
  • Benefits of UV Oil Finish on Hardwood Floors

    Your hardwood floors need a durable finish that maintains the visual appeal and natural comfort of wood. Although polyurethane finishes remain popular, UV oiled finishes provide a variety of benefits that attract discerning homeowners. When you’re looking for something upscale and distinct, consider the benefits of UV oil finish on hardwood floors of all types. Continue reading →
  • Brazilian Teak Cumaru Flooring - Everything You Want to Know

    Brazilian Teak Cumaru hardwood appeals to a broad range of consumers, from tasteful homeowners looking for an exotic wood floor to commercial building designers seeking a highly durable, attractive product. This type of wood flooring provides several distinct benefits and creates a rich look echoing the timeless appeal of teak. Find out what you want to know about this hardwood type, rapidly growing in popularity across North America. Continue reading →
  • Five Tips on Choosing Wood Floors for Your Mudroom

    Mudrooms play an important role in the modern home, acting as a buffer between the interior and exterior of your home. Choosing the right wood floors for your mudroom makes a big difference to the look and function of this room. Find out how to add the beauty of wood flooring to your mudroom. Continue reading →
  • Tips on Choosing Between Different Types of Bamboo Wood Flooring

    Consumers love bamboo wood flooring for its natural beauty, durability and environmental benefits. Manufacturers have responded to the growing demand by introducing several types of bamboo floor, providing distinct finishes for varied tastes. Find out how to choose between these types and understand the different looks and textures available. Continue reading →
  • The Brief History of Hardwood Floors in America

    Oriental rugs and polished wooden floors are what comes to our mind when we try to envision the historic interiors. However, this picture is not entirely accurate because until the late 19thcentury finish hardwood floors or oriental rugs were not that common. Wood has been used for flooring for quite a long time but in a much simpler form than we might imagine. Continue reading →
  • How to Choose Hardwoods For Your Home

    You need to use your imagination when you set out to buy planks for your hardwood floors. There are many kinds of wood you can choose from but you need to choose the one that is just the right size and color for your house. Following are some easy instructions that you can follow in order to choose the best wide hardwood planks for your floors: Continue reading →
  • Uncovering Hardwood Flooring Myths | How Important is the Factory Finish on Wood Floors?

    Homeowners assume many things about their hardwood flooring, and several of those assumptions center on the factory finish aka prefinish application. Prefinished floors provides durability and beauty to your flooring. But is this factor more important than the wood species? Discover what you need to know about the finish and make a more informed choice when buying hardwood flooring. Continue reading →
  • Why Wood Floors Are an Eco Friendly Choice for Your Home

    Are you concerned with environmental issues? Does that concern influence your purchasing decisions and affect your home design? Find out why wood floors provide an eco friendly choice for your home and help to protect the planet for generations to come. Continue reading →
  • Everything You Want to Know About Jatoba Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

    Jatoba hardwood flooring, commonly known as Brazilian Cherry, has become one of the most popular exotic wood flooring choices on the market. The rich color and strength of this wood species deliver superior performance for both residential and commercial applications. Are you looking for a high-end finish in your living space? Jatoba Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring presents a fantastic choice. Continue reading →
  • The Effects of a Changing Climate on Solid Wood Flooring

    The temperature and humidity levels in your home affect your comfort, and you depend on heating and cooling systems to keep things cozy. But have you thought about how a changing climate affects your hardwood flooring? Solid wood floors react to temperature swings and changing humidity levels. Find out how you can minimize flooring issues and remain comfortable inside your home. Continue reading →
  • Floating Floors: A Simple Solution To Traditional Hardwood Floors

    A floating floor will be basically a hardwood floor that is installed by gluing the floor planks together as an alternative to gluing or stapling them to the floor itself. Since a floating floor doesn't need a unique kind of subfloor to install to, it frees you up to install wood flooring in areas where they previously weren't a possibility. You are able to install them over vinyl or ceramic flooring, or in areas of high humidity where traditional hardwood floors have a tendency to warp and crack. If you're looking for the great look of hardwood floors without the installation challenges and limitations, then a floating hardwood floor will be everything that you've been searching for. Continue reading →
  • Stained Wood Flooring vs Natural Wood Flooring

    Wood flooring comes in a wide variety of profiles, colors and wood species. Homeowners need to decide which style suits their budget, interior décor and maintenance habits. One of the most important decisions to make involves stained wood flooring vs natural wood flooring, and this choice affects everything from the longevity of your wood floors to the atmosphere of your home. Consider your options by looking at the benefits of either side of this debate. Continue reading →
  • Best Types of Wood Floors for Pets

    Wood floors help to create a beautiful home for your family. For families that include dogs, cats and other four-legged friends, the best type of hardwood flooring also provides a more hygienic environment. It's important to opt for one of the best types of wood floors for pets, in order to maximize your home improvement investment as well as avoid frustration and excessive maintenance. Find out what type of floors and finish work well and install the wood floors you've always dreamed about. Continue reading →
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