After you have installed your hardwood floors, you need to understand the best way to care for them. We have a wide range of expert tips and tricks to have your wood floors lasting longer, looking better and feeling fresher.

Covering a variety of topics including how to clean a hardwood floor, different types of products to use for protection, and generally how to care for your beautiful natural wood, our articles offer everything you need to know. Our wood experts have years of experience in maintaining our own showroom floors and are happy to share their industry secrets with you. Maintaining a hardwood floor correctly will lengthen its life and increase durability and preventing potential hazards.


  • How to Deal With Common Hardwood Flooring Problems

    Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice for home improvements and upgrades. But this beautiful flooring also comes with a list of common problems that require a little bit of knowledge and the right approach. Get the most out of your wood flooring investment by learning how to care for hardwood floors. Continue reading →
  • Natural Oil Finish vs UV Oil Finish for Your Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of colors and stains. Either pre-finished or finished onsite after installation, hardwood flooring finishes provide protection, enhance appearance and increase durability. Consumers may be surprised at the choices available for finishing hardwood, including popular, eco friendly methods with an oil base. Deciding between natural oil finish vs UV oil finish on hardwood floors requires an understanding of the processes and benefits of each option. Continue reading →
  • What Should You Expect From Your Newly Installed Hardwood Flooring?

    Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice for homes of all sizes, outlasting the latest home décor trends and improving the value of homes across the country. Consumers should consider this type of flooring as a lifetime investment, but performance, durability and appearance depend on product quality and installation methods. Be sure you know what to expect from your newly installed hardwood floor, and how to extend the life of this beautiful feature. Continue reading →
  • Proper Care and Maintenance For Your Hardwood Floors

    When considering purchasing a new hardwood floor for your home or workplace, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of upkeep it will require. Here are some care and maintenance tips that will help you keep your wood floors at their best for many years to come. Continue reading →
  • Make Your Solid Hardwood Flooring Look Like New for Christmas

    This Christmas you are going to have the family get together at your house, so you want your home to be sparkling, starting with your solid wood floor. Continue reading →
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