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  • 5 Warning Signs of a Bad Contractor

    Every home improvement project carries with it a bit of stress. However, the right contractor should act as a guiding hand and sooth you through the process. Hiring the wrong one could mean plenty of headaches and a waste of your hard earned money. Here we will look at some common signs of an unprofessional or unethical contractor. Continue reading →
  • Hardwood Floors and Pets

    I love hardwood floors but we have a very active young Golden Retriever and this dog can grow to be 70 pounds. What are some of the concerns which I should have for choosing the right hardwood floors for pets? Continue reading →
  • Facts About Hickory

    What is Hickory Hardwood? There are actually 19 different kinds of hickory hardwoods in the world. This domestic hardwood species is very hard, dense, and resistant to shock. Hickory hardwood has been used for tool handles, the spokes of wagon wheels, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, and skis. The energy living in hardwood makes it very suitable for burning in wood stoves and fireplaces. It is often used to flavor meats such as barbecue. Continue reading →
  • The Truth About Your Wood Flooring Warranty

    Shortly after you start researching on your wood floor projects, you should realize how many years of finish and structural warranty is attached to each product. It is common to find a floor that boasts 25, 50, or even 100 year warranties. The goal of today’s article is to help you understand what you really get from your wood floor warranty. Continue reading →
  • The Hardest Wood Species - Ipe Brazilian Walnut

    The Ipe Brazilian Walnut has a natural durability and a profound beauty. It is a very dense, tropical hardwood highly resistant to rot and insects while carrying a Class A fire rating reserved for concrete and steel. It is no wonder why this species has been used for the boardwalk along the beach of New York City’s Coney Island and lasted 25 years which is astounding when considering the sheer amount of traffic and exposure to elements. It is classified as an exotic species from South America with colors ranging from olive green to brown. Due to the oily nature and high density, Ipe Brazilian Walnut is used for flooring, furniture, decking, footbridges, railroad crossties, tool handles, boardwalks, boat docks, and even piers. Continue reading →
  • Best of Houzz 2015 Award

    Unique Wood Floors - Best Of Houzz 2015 Award Over 25 Million Monthly Unique Users Rated Top-Rated Home Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals in the United States and Around the World Continue reading →
  • Wood Flooring in the Bathroom

    Flooring inside a bathroom is as important as any other part of your house. Bathroom floors and the overall effort put into the designing of a bathroom add a lot to the overall ambiance of the house. The most basic thing to consider when choosing the floor of your bathroom is the moisture. While some people might think that placing a carpet on a bathroom floor is a good idea will eventually find that it is actually not the case. The moisture inside your bathroom and the carpet flooring is not a good combination as carpets tend to absorb moisture that can attract bacteria. Continue reading →
  • How Wood Is Kiln Dried

    Kiln is a kind of furnace or oven that is used for hardening, drying, or burning materials such as clay, meal, grain, and wood. It is a process that has been used for centuries for drying wood. Drying wood in a kiln has both benefits and drawbacks as compared to drying the wood through the process of air-drying. Continue reading →
  • Hardwood Floors FAQs | How Are Knots, Sapwood, and Heartwood Formed?

    Natural formations give hardwood floors their trademark character and warmth. But consumers wonder how those knots, sapwood and heartwood are formed and whether or not these elements affect the quality of your flooring. Let’s dig deeper into the formation of wood to understand hardwood flooring on a whole new level. Continue reading →
  • Get to Know Us at Unique Wood Floors

    Unique Wood Floors aims to be the leading expert of factory finished hardwoods in North America, providing expertise and a broad range of flooring related products to clients across North America. Our showrooms in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro provides clients with a chance to learn about everything that goes into a flooring project. While our popular website offers detailed information and the latest and greatest products available in the hardwood flooring industry. We also supply local flooring installation contractors, who have come to rely on our selection and value. Continue reading →
  • Pros and Cons of Radiant Heating for Your Home

    Homeowners and home builders should consider the pros and cons of radiant heating when deciding whether or not this heating method is an efficient, economical choice. Available for new builds and as part of your home renovation project, radiant floor heating uses tubes laid below your flooring to heat specific rooms or the entire house. Continue reading →
  • The Rise and Fall of the Wood Flooring Industry In America

    Like many other trades in the United States, the wood flooring industry has seen its share of ups and downs over the last decade. Wood flooring business surged from 2002 to 2006, but this thriving domestic market was also facing the pressures of increasing imports and price wars. Continue reading →
  • The Growing Appeal of Cork Flooring

    The biggest question still holds true in most people's minds when they think of cork flooring. Can a piece of cork really last as long on the ground? The answer is yes. Your cork wood flooring is just as durable as other flooring alternatives. Some cork floorings, like Ipocork by Amorim, are finished with up to 6 layers of wear resistant technology. Continue reading →
  • Radiant Heat and Hardwood Flooring

    With new technologies introduced in the last decade, it has become more of a reality to safely install radiant heat beneath your hardwood floors without worry of damaging the wood. The main advantage radiant heat has to offer is that you will receive even heat distribution throughout your home, adding comfort and value. With the great advantages that come with radiant heat hardwood floors, there are a few simple rules to follow in order to make sure you have a great HVAC and flooring experience. Continue reading →
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