Trims and Accessories

If hardwood flooring is the star of the show, trims and accessories are the director and crew adding the perfect effects creating the finishing touch for any room. Through baseboards, treads and risers, transition moldings and more, even the most traditional hardwood floor can be modernized and taken to the next level.

This section also provides important information on floor laying accessories that both protect hardwood floors and make the installation process more efficient. From finding the best underlays for your flooring to adding wood duct vents to transitions, our wood experts offer the advantages of using a variety of auxiliary products. Stay up to date about accessories or trims and you will may just find the perfect addition to your hardwood floor.

  • Introduction to Stair Installation

    Adding Wood Stairs to Your Project You have thought long and hard about what new flooring to add to your home. Between carpet, tile, and wood flooring there are many choices to go through. Deciding on a wood floor not only adds value to your home, but also feels cleaner and lasts longer than most materials. It can be added...
  • Hardwood Stairs: An Introduction To Endless Possibilities

    So you are finally picked out your favorite floor from the showroom. Its probably taken a lot of thinking over all the different colors and wood types you can use. But wait, what is that you are missing? It is something you use every day without even realizing it is a part of your flooring. That’s right, it's your stair treads and risers. Looking at them you are probably thinking, how are those done? it looks so complicated. Putting in wood stairs to with your flooring doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Here we will walk you through some of the things to think about before installing your wood stairs. Continue reading →
  • What is Transition Molding, and Why do you Need it?

    Transition Molding is the buffer that helps one surface transition to the other so that there are no abrupt or unfinished edges in your home. While they often go unnoticed, they are essential both for the elegance and functionality of your floors. Transition Molding is also essential from a safety standpoint, as it is necessary to prevent tripping between walking from hard surface to carpeting. Continue reading →
  • How to Find the Best Underlayment for Wood Flooring

    As many wood flooring installation contractors know, choosing the best underlayment for wood floors makes a major difference to the finished product. Quality underlayment keeps moisture away and lessens sound issues.  Continue reading →
  • Why You Should Consider Vent Covers For Your Hardwood Floors

    Heat rises and that's one of the reasons many homes have their duct vents in the floors. While this can be great for keeping your house warm on a cold winter day, the coated metal drop-in vent registers installed by most HVAC companies don't do much for your interior decor -- especially when placed in that beautiful prefinished wood floor that was just installed. Continue reading →
  • Floor Muffler Ultraseal Underlayment Installation Tips

    When purchasing new flooring, one of the biggest determining factors for which type you choose is cost. A great way to reduce the cost of your new laminate flooring is by installing the Floor Muffler Ultraseal Underlayment yourself. Using Floor Muffler ultraseal underlayment will help protect your flooring from moisture and make your floor softer and quieter. Here's a quick guide to install it. Continue reading →
  • Create a Dramatic Look by Upgrading your Stairway's Treads and Risers

    If you live in a two-level home, the interior stairway can often be used to create a dramatic accent for your interior decor and serve as an engaging focal point for anyone who happens to enter the front door. Whether you have a simple straight set of stairs, a 90 degree run with an intermediate landing, or a grand curved affair that sets off your foyer, your stairway can complement both levels of your house by conveying a sense of warmth and comfort or making a bold architectural statement. Continue reading →
  • Three Essential Wood Flooring Accessories You Need to Install

    Hardwood flooring creates an attractive, luxurious atmosphere in your living space. The rich colors, warm texture and solid durability come together to provide a foundation for any room. Consider how the right wood flooring accessories bring this combination to another level, and allow the true beauty of your hardwood floor to shine. Continue reading →
  • Benefits of Using AcoustiCORK Underlayment

    Last week we discussed the advantages of using closed cell underlayment for your floating wood floors. This week we’ll switch gears and have a look at AcoustiCORK underlayment, a natural product that provides a similar level of insulation, sound deadening and resistance to mold and mildew. Continue reading →
  • How Using Floor Muffler Underlayment Improves a Floating Wood Floor

      Floating wood floors add warmth and value to your home. Using Floor Muffler underlayment with that durable, attractive flooring adds even more to the space. Many homeowners wonder if this closed cell product is worth the extra cost, when standard underlayment paper has been used for years with both hardwood and engineered wood products. Continue reading →
  • Prefinished Wood Floors: Accessories Provide the Finishing Touches

    You already know the benefits of installing a prefinished (factory finished) wood floor in your home -- that's why you've been agonizing over which of the many selections is the best match for your interior decor. However, now that you've made your choice, there's one more decision to make -- which hardwood flooring moldings are needed to add the finishing touches to your room's transformation. Continue reading →
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