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  • Why Wood Floors Are an Eco Friendly Choice for Your Home

    Are you concerned with environmental issues? Does that concern influence your purchasing decisions and affect your home design? Find out why wood floors provide an eco friendly choice for your home and help to protect the planet for generations to come. Continue reading →
  • Everything You Want to Know About Jatoba Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

    Jatoba hardwood flooring, commonly known as Brazilian Cherry, has become one of the most popular exotic wood flooring choices on the market. The rich color and strength of this wood species deliver superior performance for both residential and commercial applications. Are you looking for a high-end finish in your living space? Jatoba Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring presents a fantastic choice. Continue reading →
  • New Trends in Engineered Wood Floors

    Engineered wood flooring provides the look and charm of genuine wood without the limitations of hardwood. Do you dream of wood flooring in the basement or other areas fraught with high humidity levels? Do you like to keep up with decorating and interior design trends? Check out these top trends in engineered flooring and obtain the style you deserve. Continue reading →
  • How to Deal With Common Hardwood Flooring Problems

    Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice for home improvements and upgrades. But this beautiful flooring also comes with a list of common problems that require a little bit of knowledge and the right approach. Get the most out of your wood flooring investment by learning how to care for hardwood floors. Continue reading →
  • The Effects of a Changing Climate on Solid Wood Flooring

    The temperature and humidity levels in your home affect your comfort, and you depend on heating and cooling systems to keep things cozy. But have you thought about how a changing climate affects your hardwood flooring? Solid wood floors react to temperature swings and changing humidity levels. Find out how you can minimize flooring issues and remain comfortable inside your home. Continue reading →
  • How to Prepare for a Wood Flooring Installation

    You’ve made the decision to upgrade your living space with a wood flooring installation. As the project date looms, homeowners need to prepare their home and help make the process smooth and hassle-free. Check out these easy steps to prep for wood floor installation and get your home improvement completed right the first time. Continue reading →
  • Floating Floors: A Simple Solution To Traditional Hardwood Floors

    A floating floor will be basically a hardwood floor that is installed by gluing the floor planks together as an alternative to gluing or stapling them to the floor itself. Since a floating floor doesn't need a unique kind of subfloor to install to, it frees you up to install wood flooring in areas where they previously weren't a possibility. You are able to install them over vinyl or ceramic flooring, or in areas of high humidity where traditional hardwood floors have a tendency to warp and crack. If you're looking for the great look of hardwood floors without the installation challenges and limitations, then a floating hardwood floor will be everything that you've been searching for. Continue reading →
  • The Effects of Dark Stains vs Light Stains on a Room

    Many things affect the atmosphere of a room, including décor, furniture and paint. Your hardwood flooring stain color has an instant effect on all types of living spaces, and the decision between dark stains vs light stains plays a major role in interior design. Explore all of your options and consider the overall effect of each wood floor stain. Continue reading →
  • Stained Wood Flooring vs Natural Wood Flooring

    Wood flooring comes in a wide variety of profiles, colors and wood species. Homeowners need to decide which style suits their budget, interior décor and maintenance habits. One of the most important decisions to make involves stained wood flooring vs natural wood flooring, and this choice affects everything from the longevity of your wood floors to the atmosphere of your home. Consider your options by looking at the benefits of either side of this debate. Continue reading →
  • Best Types of Wood Floors for Pets

    Wood floors help to create a beautiful home for your family. For families that include dogs, cats and other four-legged friends, the best type of hardwood flooring also provides a more hygienic environment. It's important to opt for one of the best types of wood floors for pets, in order to maximize your home improvement investment as well as avoid frustration and excessive maintenance. Find out what type of floors and finish work well and install the wood floors you've always dreamed about. Continue reading →
  • Top Six Characteristics of a Good Wood Flooring Installer

    Wood flooring transforms your home, improves property value and cuts down on maintenance. Investing in quality wood floors makes sense, but consumers must also protect that investment by hiring a good wood flooring installer. Hire an installer with these top six characteristics to achieve the beautiful, timeless look of wood floors. Continue reading →
  • Hardwood Floors FAQs | How Are Knots, Sapwood, and Heartwood Formed?

    Natural formations give hardwood floors their trademark character and warmth. But consumers wonder how those knots, sapwood and heartwood are formed and whether or not these elements affect the quality of your flooring. Let’s dig deeper into the formation of wood to understand hardwood flooring on a whole new level. Continue reading →
  • A Look at the Latest Trends in Wood Floors

    Decorating trends change over the years, even moving from one look to the next over a few seasons. The latest tends in wood floors echo back to the past, bringing a fresh new look to our homes by harkening the styles of yesterday. Some focus on sustainability, others aim for a rustic look and still others combine distinct looks for a striking appearance. Continue reading →
  • Popular Patterns for Your Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors come in a wide range of colors and grain patterns. Consumers can also choose between various profiles and plank widths, further customizing the look of their flooring and creating a unique atmosphere in their home. Another way to make your living space fresh is by opting for one of the popular patterns for hardwood floors, combining all of the above options in one beautiful finish. Continue reading →
  • Top Three Benefits of Prefinished Hardwood Over Unfinished Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors create an upscale, dramatic look in any home. While unfinished hardwood floors have been the traditional favorite for generations, high quality prefinished hardwood flooring provides several benefits to consumers. Consider whether or not this product is the best choice for your home. Continue reading →
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