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  • Cabinets and Hardwood Flooring Before or After

    When doing a kitchen project the first question that comes up is should the hardwood floors be installed before or after the cabinets? The correct answer is not as simple as it might seem. First we must consider how your hardwood flooring will be installed. Floating, nail down, or glue down? If installing a floating floor, the answer is simple. Install the cabinets first because heavy cabinetry cannot sit on top of a floating floor or it will restrict movement and increase the chances of flooring separation. However, when installing a wood flooring nail down or glue down, there are more factors to consider. Continue reading →
  • Best Flooring to Update Your Basement

    Want more room in your home for the kids to play in or your own private area for movies? Your basement doesn't have to be a creepy place filled with spider webs over cold hard concrete. Contrary to popular belief, there are many great wood floors which are suitable for below-grade installation. These products are fully warrantied and backed up by the manufacture. Lets begin turning that old dreary basement into a cozy family room, media room, bedroom, or den. Continue reading →
  • Create a Dramatic Look by Upgrading your Stairway's Treads and Risers

    If you live in a two-level home, the interior stairway can often be used to create a dramatic accent for your interior decor and serve as an engaging focal point for anyone who happens to enter the front door. Whether you have a simple straight set of stairs, a 90 degree run with an intermediate landing, or a grand curved affair that sets off your foyer, your stairway can complement both levels of your house by conveying a sense of warmth and comfort or making a bold architectural statement. Continue reading →
  • 7 Ways Solid Hardwood Flooring Can Be Destroyed and How To Protect It

    Solid hardwood flooring, the traditional form of making wood floors, will provide years of value to your home if you take good care of it. Unfortunately, the lifespan can be cut short if a few precautionary measures are not taken. Here are some tips for maintenance: Continue reading →
  • WOCA Oil Refresher: How it Will Enhance Your Wood Floor

    There is nothing better for the look of a home than a dazzling hardwood floor. Of course, for all the benefits that come with hardwood, there is one drawback. Keeping that floor looking dazzling and clean at all times can be difficult. Staying on top of it is the best option. But sometimes, it is best to have a little regular maintenance to keep that shine. That is where an Oil Refresher can be useful. Continue reading →
  • Hickory Wood Flooring Will Add a Rustic Charm to Your Home

    The world is dominated by trends, and our lives are increasingly ruled by technology. Sometimes it is nice to have a refuge from the modern world. Making your home feel a little rustic is certainly a good way to do that. Hickory wood flooring, with its tree-colored tan to reddish shades, is a perfect option if you are looking to make your city home feel a little country. Here are some other benefits of hickory wood flooring. Continue reading →
  • Prefinished Hardwood; Don't Be Hardheaded

    Most old solid oak wood floors can be sanded several times during its lifetime. However, if your flooring is over 20 years old it is best to double check to ensure enough wear-layer exists before attempting another sanding. When a wood floor's wear-layer is under 2 millimeter, you might consider a factory finished hardwoods for your next project. Prefinished hardwoods are also known as factory finished because they are finished at the mill rather than at your home making for a quick install and a tougher finished product. Continue reading →
  • Snap Together Wood Flooring Makes Home Designing Easy

    Snap together wood flooring eliminates your need for adhesives, nails, or screws of any kind. All you need to do is apply a little pressure to the planks in order to join them together and you're on your way to enjoying a new and beautiful wood floor in a fraction of the time it takes to install more traditional flooring options. Continue reading →
  • My Experience With UV-Oil Finished Floors

    If you are in the market for a new wood floor and haven’t heard about oiled wood floors yet, it is time to take a serious look at the options. You can be assured that this new trend is already here and it will be here to stay. Today we want to share our own experience with UV-cured oil floors (baked-in oil floor). Continue reading →
  • Evaluating the Durability of a Hardwood Floor

    Durability is always one of the top concerns for homeowners when choosing the perfect floor. When discussing the durability of a wood floor hardness is the first thing buyers focus on. Although hardness does contribute to the overall durability there are several other factors which contribute to the overall durability. Including but not limited to the sheen, color, and finish. Continue reading →
  • 5 Warning Signs of a Bad Contractor

    Every home improvement project carries with it a bit of stress. However, the right contractor should act as a guiding hand and sooth you through the process. Hiring the wrong one could mean plenty of headaches and a waste of your hard earned money. Here we will look at some common signs of an unprofessional or unethical contractor. Continue reading →
  • Measuring and Calculating Square Footage

    When the time comes to replace your current floor covering with a new hardwood floors you might be eager to go talk to someone at the flooring store right away. However, you can already get started on your flooring project before ever visiting a flooring showroom. One of the first steps is measuring the entire area you are planning to install. This will allow the flooring store to give you an accurate idea of how much your project will cost once you find the right floor. It will also allow them to check on the inventory available to ensure there is enough quantity. Continue reading →
  • Cleaning Oil Finished Hardwood Floors with WOCA

    An oil finish adds an unmatched beauty to the hardwood. Allowing the user to feel the natural wood grains with each step. Oil finished flooring is designed to enhance the wood and allow the wood to become better looking with age. Using the right floor care product is the most important concept for maintaining its beauty. Although more regular maintenance is required for oiled hardwoods, the simplicity is the main benefit. Continue reading →
  • Choosing the Right Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

    Area rugs are one of the essentials after the installation of hardwood flooring. One thing often debated is the use of rug pads underneath an area rug. Professionals have warned against the use of certain pads which might smudge the finish on wood flooring. In this article, we will examine the best type of pad for air quality, discoloration, and rug preservation. Continue reading →
  • How Long Should You Acclimate Wood Floor Before Installation?

    Proper wood floor acclimation has been a question in many home owners and contractors’ mind prior to installation. Since wood flooring projects are major investment, it is wise to understand the true meaning of acclimation. Under certain circumstances, to wrongly acclimate your wood floor can lead to installation issues. Such as to potentially cause buckling or gapping which the manufacturers’ warranty will not cover. Continue reading →