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The Elegance Plyquet Rift & Quartered (R&Q) Collection offers White Oak in 8 different colors and a sophisticated selection of hardwood flooring characterized by its unique cutting techniques and premium construction. Featuring a 4mm top layer and a 3/4″ thickness, this collection ensures lasting durability and stability. The “rift” cut produces linear, vertical grain patterns by slicing logs at a slight angle to the growth rings, while the “quartered” cut involves cutting logs into quarters before slicing, creating a straight, vertical grain that enhances the wood’s stability and visual appeal. This meticulous process results in flooring with a refined, elegant look, showcasing the wood’s natural beauty with fewer knots and a consistent grain. The Rift & Quartered Collection combines aesthetic appeal with durability, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces aiming for a timeless, high-end appearance.

The Firenze color in Rift & Quartered Collection embodies the timeless beauty of natural hardwood with a refined, modern twist. This color choice enhances the natural grain and texture of the White Oak, offering a warm, organic appearance that effortlessly complements various interior design styles. The subtle, neutral tones of Firenze provide a versatile foundation that harmonizes with both contemporary and traditional décor.

Listing is for 5 ⅛ inch width. Also available in 4 ⅜ inch, 6 ⅛ inch, 7 ⅛ inch.

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