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The Elegance Plyquet Rift & Quartered (R&Q) Collection offers White Oak in 8 different colors and a sophisticated selection of hardwood flooring characterized by its unique cutting techniques and premium construction. Featuring a 4mm top layer and a 3/4″ thickness, this collection ensures lasting durability and stability. The “rift” cut produces linear, vertical grain patterns by slicing logs at a slight angle to the growth rings, while the “quartered” cut involves cutting logs into quarters before slicing, creating a straight, vertical grain that enhances the wood’s stability and visual appeal. This meticulous process results in flooring with a refined, elegant look, showcasing the wood’s natural beauty with fewer knots and a consistent grain. The Rift & Quartered Collection combines aesthetic appeal with durability, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces aiming for a timeless, high-end appearance.

The Stockholm color in Elegance Plyquet’s Rift & Quartered Collection exudes a refined, modern elegance that effortlessly enhances any interior space. This serene, light beige tone brings a sense of calm and sophistication, beautifully highlighting the natural grain and subtle textures of White Oak. The Stockholm color is versatile and timeless, seamlessly fitting into various design styles from contemporary to classic.

Listing is for 5 ⅛ inch width. Also available in 4 ⅜ inch, 6 ⅛ inch, 7 ⅛ inch.

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Weight 60 kg


Fifty Year Warranty


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