AAYERS Flooring

Quality and Enduring Finishes:
AAYERS prides itself on the meticulous selection of the finest materials, resulting in hardwood flooring
products of unparalleled quality. Our floors feature up to 9 coats of German-made UV-cured
polyurethane infused with Aluminum Oxide Crystals – a testament to both craftsmanship and resilience.
This finish, entirely formaldehyde-free, is a pinnacle of industry standards.

Robust Wear Layer and Stability:
Setting our floors apart is the remarkable up to 4mm top hardwood wear layer, meticulously chosen for
its vibrant aesthetics and durability. This robust wear layer is supported by a 9-ply cross-grain
construction core, bonded with reinforcing resin, ensuring stability and longevity.

Precision and Value:
Our commitment to precision shines through in every detail, from precise milling to seamless transitions
between edges. This dedication to quality, combined with innovative design and reasonable pricing,
reflects our 3+ commitment – a testament to the value our hardwood flooring brings to your home.

Safety and Eco-Conscious Practices:
At AAYERS, safety is paramount. Our CARB Phase II Certified products have minimal formaldehyde
emissions, aligning with global safety standards. Beyond safety, we embrace eco-conscious practices,
complying with the Lacey Act, sourcing from renewable energy, recycling wood and waste, and
partnering with responsible suppliers. This commitment results in both Forest Preservation and
Sustainable Development.

Versatility and Trendsetting:
AAYERS Flooring offers unparalleled versatility. With compatibility with various Flexible Radiant Heat
systems and installation techniques, you can enjoy the elegance of genuine hardwood floors throughout
your living spaces. Our diverse range spans from Classic to Contemporary, Smooth to Handscraped,
consistently setting trends at the forefront of fashion.

Dedication and Third-Party Validation:
Our dynamic team is wholly dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, innovative high-
quality products, and unmatched style. AAYERS Flooring goes the extra mile to ensure safety, subjecting
our products to random testing by third-party laboratories certified by CARB (SGS-CSTC Standards
Technical Services Co., Ltd. & Intertek Testing Service Ltd.). For further safety-related inquiries and
formaldehyde emission details, explore our FAQ section.