Dating back to the early 21st century, owner-operated mills were phased out of the hardwood market by powerful brand name marketing. Only the best mills with state-of-the-art machinery and expertise remained in business with relatively small exposure and a looming threat of extinction for their practice.

In 2003, Unique Wood Floors founder Winston had the vision to bridge the gap between experienced wood flooring mills and the ultimate end-users. Ever since it's conception, Unique Wood Floors has focused on sourcing from the best hand-picked suppliers from which the wood originates. These floors are shipped directly to our warehouses in Minnesota while bypassing many of the traditional distribution channels.

In 2012, we moved to our flagship location in Bloomington, MN due to a need for additional warehouse space to stock an ever-changing line of inventory and keep up with the latest and more stylish flooring options available.

In 2016, our original showroom in Hopkins, MN was remodeled and reopened to better serve clients in the southwest Minneapolis-St Paul metro area.

Unique Wood Floors has experienced growth every year due to the support of loyal patrons. Having expanded its operation over multiple warehouses and showroom, we promise to always keep our original objective in mind. Build a reputation which people can trust by providing genuine time-tested wood products infused with the latest styles in hardwood floors.