Transition Moldings

A wood floor installation will require floor moldings to create dynamic height transitions and allow ample expansion space. Trim floor moldings add a unique accent to your finished project. These transitions moldings are milled from a variety of solid wood species to give them a seamless integration with your floor system. Ask us about what the best molding is for your project.

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  • Acacia Flush Stairnose

    Acacia Stair Nose

  • Square Nose Hardwood Floor Molding

    End Cap

  • Reducer Flush Mount Hardwood Floor

    Reducer Flush Mount

  • Overlap Reducer

    Reducer Overlap

  • Spline Slip Tongue Hardwood Flooring Vent Registers

    Spline Slip Tongue

  • Stair Nose Flush Mount

    Stair Nose Flush Mount

  • T-Molding Transition


  • Threshold Hardwood Molding