Warranty & Installation


At Unique Wood Floors we want to protect your investment. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines when installing and maintaining a floor. Whether you are a seasoned flooring veteran or a handy homeowner looking for a do-it-yourself weekend project, we are here to ensure your success and satisfaction with these helpful guides below. If you have specific questions regarding installation or maintenance please reach out to customer service for prompt service.

Elegance Plyquet Hardwood Flooring Warranty

Elegance Plyquet Luxury Vinyl Warranty

Elegance Plyquet Solid Hardwood Installation Guide

Elegance Plyquet Engineered Flooring Installation Guide

Elegance Plyquet Millennium Collection Installation Guide

Elegance Plyquet Ridge Core SPC Installation Guide

Ipocork Floating Installation Guide

Oiled Maintenance Guide

Proper Care and Maintenance