Preverco is a distinguished name in the realm of hardwood flooring, known for its rich heritage,
innovation, and commitment to crafting exceptional wood products. With a foundation rooted in family
values and a passion for quality, the company has carved a prominent niche in the flooring industry.

Family Roots and Craftsmanship:
Preverco’s story began in 1988 when two brothers, Roger and Paul Dussault, embarked on a journey to
create hardwood flooring that would stand as a testament to their family’s values and dedication to
craftsmanship. Their vision was simple yet powerful: to deliver flooring that resonates with authenticity
and reflects the beauty of natural wood.

Pioneering Innovation:
From the outset, Preverco embraced innovation as a driving force. The company introduced pioneering
technologies that set new standards in the flooring world. With a keen focus on research and
development, Preverco continuously sought ways to enhance the durability, performance, and
aesthetics of its hardwood floors.

Sustainable Practices:
Preverco has always been mindful of its impact on the environment. The company’s commitment to
sustainability is evident in its responsible sourcing practices and eco-conscious manufacturing processes.

By selecting wood from well-managed forests and optimizing production methods, Preverco strives to
minimize its ecological footprint.

Design Diversity:
A hallmark of Preverco’s offerings is the diverse range of designs and finishes that cater to a wide
spectrum of design preferences. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of classic hardwood or the
contemporary allure of modern designs, Preverco’s portfolio speaks to individual tastes and
architectural visions.

Crafting Distinctive Spaces:
Preverco’s hardwood floors have found their way into countless homes, commercial spaces, and
architectural projects. Each floor carries a unique character, a result of meticulous attention to detail
and a passion for creating surfaces that transform spaces into works of art.

Enduring Legacy:
Throughout its journey, Preverco has remained true to its roots while embracing innovation and
evolution. The company’s legacy is one of authenticity, quality, and a commitment to delivering
hardwood flooring that enriches the spaces it graces.

As Preverco continues to thrive, its dedication to family values, craftsmanship, and innovation remains
unwavering. With every plank produced, the company carries forward its legacy, leaving an indelible
mark on the world of hardwood flooring.