Teragren Bamboo Flooring Minneapolis St. Paul MN


Teragren is known as the leading bamboo producer in the flooring market. Since 1994 Teragren has been committed to quality and sustainability. Bamboo is a product which has been used for centuries in building materials all over the world. It offers many benefits through a combination of tensile strength, compression, and natural moisture resistance. However, these inherent qualities can only be activated through proper harvesting and the right manufacturing process which is what separates the Teragren brand from many entry-level competitors.

Teragren bamboo is grown in the Zhejiang province of China which is home to more than 1500 species of bamboo and is amongst the hardest in the world. As bamboo matures to near 6 years of age, this creates a prime time for harvesting. Teragren has strict regulations for harvesting bamboo at the height of its density to ensure their products are as advertised in hardness ratings. In addition to their supreme quality, Teragren products are carbon-negative and carry CARB II compliance for protecting the integrity of your indoor air quality and the air quality of future generations.

Unique Wood Floors took on the Teragren brand in 2015 because we believe in the sustainability bamboo has to offer due to its fast growth cycles. However, with so many bamboo brands on the market, we needed to find a source which holds a high standard for quality control as well as staying true to the mission of lowering carbon emissions. With Teragren you’ll buy their expertise in the manufacturing process and commitment to protecting the environment which is the most important aspects when purchasing bamboo floors.

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