Kentwood Flooring Minneapolis St. Paul MN


A specialty product of the Metropolitan manufacturing and distribution company found in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada; Kentwood shares the same birth year as Unique Wood Floors. Since its introduction in 2003 in Kent, WA this brand has built a reputation for being wood nerds. Each step of the process from manufacturing to delivery is meticulously measured and recorded. Kentwood produces floors with quality first while also balancing the needs of environmental impact and economic sensibility.

Kentwood employs a full-time Environmental Compliance Officer whose job is to reduce the environmental impact of the products and improve the environmental effects of their operations. Kentwood products are all CARB-2 compliant which meets or exceeds air quality standards in the State of California.

The Kentwood brand started in the West Coast and has since expanded to the Midwest market and beyond. Kentwood products are now found in high-rise construction projects from Salzberg to Shanghai. In 2016 Unique Wood Floors became one of the first companies to adopt the Kentwood brand and build their awareness in the Minneapolis St Paul market. We are attracted to this brand due to their minimalist inspired design techniques and particular use of high-quality building material and hope to continue this partnership as Kentwood expands their commitment to innovation.