Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring

Being located in one of the world's cleanest cities the eco-friendly nature has inevitably taken root in our hearts. All products carried by Unique Wood Floors have passed the US Lacey Act. This legislation is a major step forward in practicing sustainable forestry standards around the globe because it encourages buyers to find legally harvested woods in compliance with local laws. Severe penalties for importing low-cost, illegally harvested woods will work to eliminate deforestation.

Simply being legally harvested may not be enough. The purpose of the Go Green initiative is to give consumers a chance to quickly identify the absolute best products available for indoor air quality zero VOC as well as low environmental impact. Formaldehyde emissions must meet North American safety standards.

The use of wood can lead to deforestation. However, responsible use of wood can be one of the most sustainable sources. When considering the environmental impact, we must also consider the proper disposal after the product’s lifespan. Hardwood flooring can last far longer than most floor coverings with proper maintenance and refinishing capabilities. The average time for a wood product to decompose and go back into the soil to provide nutrients takes a much shorter lifecycle than other synthetic products. If we replaced the use of plastic with the use of sustainable forestry, we could make significant strides to improve our environment for future generations.