Hallmark Flooring Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota

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Hallmark started in 2005 was a brainchild of founder Tony Pan who has always held up his end of the bargain on providing a high-quality product at a reasonable price point. Before the Hallmark specialty brand was created, the company focused much of its efforts on sourcing material for other brand names. Hallmark perfected their craft and really grew with the increased demand for textured floors such as hand scraped, wire brush, and most recently saw-marks. These heavy textures are the signature of the Hallmark brand. Many of these styles are now offered in a variety of finish types for varying tastes. The Hallmark product line is sold through a chain of authorized distributors and dealers across the nation.

In 2010 Unique Wood Floors started carrying the Hallmark product line because we felt this brand provided cutting edge textured designs which our customers are looking for. Fast forward about a decade and Unique Wood Floors has still kept the Hallmark brand as one of our premiere lineups due to their visual appeal and exceptional value. This eventually lead us to becoming a spotlight dealer which are given exclusively to dealers with their complete product line. The Hallmark brand relies heavily on their close partnership with the distributions to assist in product training and customer service

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