Hallmark Regatta Collection

Regatta Hardwood presents a stunning collection of flooring options, featuring a dozen captivating designs in various species including European Oak, American Hard Maple, and American Hickory. Each plank is meticulously crafted with hand-applied glazes, skip sawn textures, hand-scraped surfaces, and distinctive brushing techniques that highlight the natural grain of the wood.

Regatta Hardwood ensures superior durability with its Spill Proof guarantee, top-tier commercial finish, and an edge sealant that offers 360-degree protection, making cleanup a breeze for life’s unexpected spills. The innovative “push lock” fastening system guarantees a flawless installation with extra seam protection. For added comfort and noise reduction, each board is equipped with Quiet Comfort padding. With Regatta Hardwood, you can enjoy the perfect blend of style, durability, and comfort in your flooring.

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  • Regatta-Ballast-Maple-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Ballast

  • Regatta-Anchor-Oak-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Anchor

  • Regatta-Ketch-Hickory-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Ketch

  • Regatta-Compass-Maple-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Compass

  • Regatta-Halyard-Oak-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Halyard

  • Regatta-Harbor-Oak-SKU-1

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Harbor

  • Regatta-Leeward-Oak-SKU-1

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Leeward

  • Regatta-Port-Hickory-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Port

  • Regatta-Spinnaker-Oak-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Spinnaker

  • Regatta-Sailmaker-Maple-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Sailmaker

  • Regatta-Starboard-Hickory-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Starboard

  • Regatta-Windward-Hickory-SKU-1

    Hallmark Floors Regatta Windward