Hallmark Novella Collection

The Novella Hardwood Collection offers a versatile and innovative range of flooring options. This collection provides a variety of choices with two unique finishes, three different wood species, and a wide range of captivating colors. The Maple and Hickory planks are finished with the TrueMark® Glaze Tek, which gives them a subtle, low-sheen glow. In contrast, the Oak planks are treated with Hallmark’s exclusive Nu Oil® finish for a distinct look.

Each plank in the Novella Collection is crafted with a slice-cut style, featuring boards that are either lightly hand-sculpted (Maple & Hickory) or both lightly hand-sculpted and wire-brushed (Oak) for added texture and detail. The meticulous coloring process enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Designed to suit any design aesthetic and lifestyle, the Novella Hardwood Collection is a perfect choice for those seeking style, versatility, and durability in their flooring.

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  • Novella-Twain-Oak

    Hallmark Floors Novella Twain

  • Novella-Hemingway-Oak

    Hallmark Floors Novella Hemingway

  • Novella-Hawthorne-Oak

    Hallmark Floors Novella Hawthorne

  • Novella-Eliot-Hickory-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Eliot

  • Novella-Thoreau-Hickory-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Thoreau

  • Novella-Faulkner-Hickory-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Faulkner

  • Novella-Alcott-Maple-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Alcott

  • Novella-Frost-Maple-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Frost

  • Novella-Emerson-Oak-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Emerson

  • Novella-Rand-Hickory-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Rand

  • Novella-Whitman-Oak-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Whitman

  • Novella-Williams-Maple-SKU

    Hallmark Floors Novella Williams