Hallmark Avenue Collection

The Ultra Wide Avenue Collection is designed to unleash the full potential of your imagination, freeing your space from the limitations of conventional flooring. Each plank in this collection showcases the rich history and beauty of nature’s most robust and dramatic hardwood species, available exclusively in wider widths.

With a focus on supreme styling and trendsetting colors, the Avenue Collection features 10 stunning visuals across a range of species, including European Oak, American Hard Maple, and American Hickory. These floors are crafted using a true sawn cut technique, combining the longevity of solid wood with the stability of Hallmark’s proprietary engineered construction. This collection offers the ultimate flooring solution for your home, promising a lifetime of beauty and durability.

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  • Avenue-Sunset-Oak-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Sunset Oak

  • Avenue-Rodeo-Oak-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Rodeo Oak

  • Avenue-Ocean-Drive-Oak-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Ocean Drive Oak

  • Avenue-Mulholland-Oak-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Mulholland Oak

  • Avenue-Wilshire-Oak-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Wilshire Oak

  • Avenue-Michigan-Hickory-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Michigan Hickory

  • Avenue-Belle-Meade-Hickory-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Belle Meade Hickory

  • Avenue-Newbury-Hickory-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Newbury Hickory

  • Avenue-Pennsylvania-Maple-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Pennsylvania Maple

  • Avenue-Lombard-Maple-Swatch-By-Hallmark-Floor

    Hallmark Floors Avenue Lombard Maple