Hallmark Grain & Saw Collection

Grain & Saw is a collection that embodies the subtle elegance of reclaimed aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the handcrafted guilds of the 14th century. Merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary materials, this collection is designed to enhance any interior space.

During an era when guild associations collaborated with merchants and artisans to safeguard unique handcrafted products, the tactile richness of their work was unmistakable. Each plank in the Grain & Saw collection is a testament to this heritage, offering a distinct and personality-filled pattern. The design emphasizes the striking contrast between hand-tooled saw marks and the enhanced natural grain, allowing the inherent beauty and variations of the wood species to take center stage.

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  • Grain-Saw-Morris-Oak-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Morris

  • Grain-Saw-Ruskin-Oak-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Ruskin

  • Grain-Saw-Ballentine-Oak-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Ballentine

  • Grain-Saw-Larsson-Hickory-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Larsson

  • Grain-Saw-Hoffman-Hickory-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Hoffman

  • Grain-Saw-Stickley-Hickory-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Stickley

  • Grain-Saw-Tiffany-Maple-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Tiffany

  • Grain-Saw-Greene-Maple-Swatch

    Hallmark Floors Grain & Saw Greene