Pierre Thabet acquired Boa-Franc, a small woodworking company in Saint-Georges, Quebec, in 1983, laying the foundation for what would become the Mirage brand. Initially focusing on unfinished strips and stair components, the company expanded into prefinished flooring in 1990. This strategic shift marked Mirage’s entry into the flooring market, introducing their products in the United States by 1992.

Mirage has earned a reputation for quality, being recognized over 30 times in the past decade. This success stems from a commitment to manufacturing processes that prioritize quality and uniqueness. The brand differentiates itself through a slower wood drying process, enhancing the stability and yield of the product compared to traditional kiln-drying methods. Each plank is precisely calibrated and crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring a distinct appearance for each product.

Mirage’s product innovation is supported by a dedicated R&D team in Saint-Georges, continuously testing new developments in hardwood flooring. The brand’s portfolio includes a range of traditional domestic hardwoods like Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Walnut.

The partnership between Mirage and Unique Wood Floors began in 2015, with Unique Wood Floors becoming a Maestro dealer in Minnesota. This designation signifies a comprehensive offering of Mirage products and a commitment to high service standards. Winston, the CEO of Unique Wood Floors, visited the Mirage manufacturing facility to gain in-depth knowledge of the product and brand, enhancing the ability to communicate the value of Mirage to customers.

Mirage’s journey, from its acquisition of Boa-Franc to its current status in the flooring industry, demonstrates a strategic approach to product development, market expansion, and partnership building, all underpinned by a consistent focus on quality and innovation.