Recognized as best over 30 times for outstanding quality in the past decade, Mirages is held to the highest standards of flooring manufacturers. Started in 1990 in Canada and expanded to the United States shortly thereafter, Mirage continues to distinguish their products from other brands on the market by offering a unique experience. The process of excellence starts in Saint-Georges, Canada where visitors can go to see the process of how their floors are made and why they are different. The difference with Mirage starts with their drying process which is far slower than many competitors. This slower process allows the wood to air dry before being sent into a kiln which improves stability and yield rate when compared to fully kiln-dried processes. After the drying process is complete each plank is carefully calibrated for thickness before being sent into the milling cycle. Mirage uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment with their dry sawn method which ensures each plank has a unique look. Mirage employs a special team for testing the latest innovations in hardwood floors right in their lab. For traditional domestic hardwoods such as Oak, Maple, Hickory, or Walnut look no further than Mirage.

Mirage joined the Unique Wood Floors lineup in 2015 and became a Maestro dealer in the State of Minnesota. Maestro dealers carry a complete lineup of Mirage displays and offer a high level of service to match the quality of this brand. Upon picking up the Mirage brand, Winston the CEO of Unique Wood Floors, visited the Mirage plant in Saint-Georges to see how their wood is made and train his staff on explaining all the finer details of the Mirage brand.

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