Acacia Hardwood Flooring

Acacia wood flooring comes from the Acacia Confusa species, commonly referred to as Asian Walnut. It is native to the tropical forests of South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. It features a highly unique swirly grain patternfrom lighter blonde to darker brown color tones. When combined it creates what is considered by many designers a masterpiece of natural mixed hardwood.

Benefits of Acacia Hardwood Flooring:

Like many exotic wood species, this offers a high average hardness rating which is great for larger families or light commercial areas that may require a more durable hardwood solution to hide the wear and tear of everyday life. Acacia’s wide variety of color tones can benefit homeowners by easily blending with existing styles and home decor.

Best Applications of Acacia Flooring:

Acacia serves as a natural contract to modern contemporary homes which incorporate the hardwood floors as a focal point. Acacia continues to be one of the leading choices amongst home builders for their spec homes to add a wow factor for hosting an open house.

Similar Flooring:

Some species similar to Acacia include Hickory and Brazilian Pecan. Both of these hardwoods include great color variance and hardness similar to the characteristics of Acacia.

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  • Living Room

    9 Mile Creek Acacia Natural

    $5.99 /sf
  • Acacia Hand Scraped Side Profile

    Acacia Hand Scraped

    $8.29 /sf
  • Acacia Strip Side Profile

    Acacia Natural Plank

    $7.99 /sf