Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple has a fine, consistent grain that makes for an attractive uniform appearance. The difference between the grades of Maple can be dramatic. With select grade Maple, you can expect a very clean look with little to no knots or mineral streaks. With character grade Maple you will find more knots and strong color variance between the heartwood and sapwood and each plank with a distinct style.

Benefits of Maple Flooring:
Compared to other domestic hardwood species, maple is one of the hardest wood species offering a smooth grain pattern and as a result, it is often used for basketball courts and bowling lanes as well as residential homes and business offices.

Best Applications of Maple Flooring:
Maple hardwood flooring is used freely anywhere in the house. As a result of Maple’s hardness and natural beauty, you will find Maple flooring anywhere from kitchens to family rooms.

Flooring Options Similar to Maple:
Hickory, Birch.

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