Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red Oak is one of the most prevalent wood species in North America. Its wood is heavy, hard, strong, coarse-grained, and highly durable. It's abundance and responsible forestry standards make it an environmentally friendly option for flooring, case goods, trim, and furniture.

Benefits of Red Oak Hardwood Flooring:

Benefits of this species are its naturally warm reddish tone. Its open and pronounced graining give it a distinctive look. Heartwood and sapwood in this species don't vary dramatically so the overall look of the floor will be consistent in tone. Red Oak is very stable and takes stain well.

Best Applications of Red Oak Flooring:

Red Oak is suitable for most flooring applications. Its stability would be beneficial over radiant heat. It's ability to be stained to a wide range of tones allow you to work with any color palette. Kitchens, dining rooms, living/family rooms, and foyers would be ideal candidates for Red Oak flooring.

Flooring Options Similar to Red Oak:

White Oak, Hickory.

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