Walnut Hardwood Flooring

American Walnut or Black Walnut, grows primarily in the eastern and central United States. The color of this domestic hardwood will range from creamy white sapwood to light or dark chocolate-brown heartwood. Walnut is one of the more prestigious domestic species often reflected in the cost of raw material.

Benefits of Walnut Flooring:

The overall appeal of Walnut flooring is its natural color and the warmth it automatically adds to a room. This wood remains a primary choice for many wood craftsman due to its timeless beauty and elegant traditional style.

Best Applications of Walnut Flooring:

American Walnut is ideal for formal areas such as dining room, home office, library, or den.

Flooring Options Similar to Walnut:

Similar species include Acacia and Ipe. These species are often known as Asian Walnut and Brazilian Walnut because they resemble the grain or color of domestic Walnut species.

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