Flooring Installation


Here is what you can expect before, during, and after your wood floor is installed. Knowing this will help ensure the highest quality of work and a smooth transition back to everyday life. Unique Wood Floors approved lead installers are all owner-operated specialists with 10+ year experience on the job site. Our Project Manager is certified through the National Wood Flooring Association. For specific time sensitive projects, please communicate this to your Project Manager at the time of scheduling so we can make the proper accommodations.


To prepare for the installation remove or cover all furnishings, draperies, paintings, and other personal items. Contractor does not move any personal items unless prearranged with your Project Manager.

Solid and engineered hardwood will need to acclimate before install which may vary from two days to two weeks depending on the species of wood and time of year. During the acclimation period, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the environment is set at normal living conditions including temperature and humidity. We recommend the homeowner to open one box of the flooring prior to install to inspect the material for grading, variation, and gloss level.


During installation please prepared for noise and disruption. Dust containment systems will minimize debris but will never eliminate dust completely. For special requests, we recommend the homeowner to be present on the first day.

The timeframe for each project will vary greatly depend on size of job, job site conditions, and individual installer speed. If timing is critical, please communicate this in advance.

On the last day of install, we recommend the homeowner to be present for a final walk through. Our installers will perform a general vacuum and/or sweeping for large debris but will not perform extensive cleaning of dust or use any floor cleaning products.

Payment is due upon immediate completion of the project. For questions or concerns, please contact your Project Manager at any time during business hours.


Upon completion of your project, please reach out to our store rep. We will be able to make a recommendation about the appropriate maintenance products for your specific flooring. After you have performed a thorough cleaning, it is time to apply felt pads on bottoms of furniture to minimize scratches. Place rugs or welcome mats in high traffic areas.

Your flooring installation – whether hardwood or vinyl – carries a four-season warranty. If you discover an installation error or product defect please do reach out to our rep. Please note, flooring is design to be inspected from eye level while standing up. Imperfections which are undetectable while more than 5 feet away will not be considered errors or defects according to industry standard.

Variations in appearance for natural wood are normal and desirable in distinguishing them from synthetic products. Exposure to sunlight will cause light to heavy color change depending on wood species. Seasonal humidity changes will cause the wood to expand and contract. To balance this out, we highly encourage residences to maintain their home at 35-55% humidity for natural wood products.

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