Alternative Uses for Leftover Wood Floors

When buying wood flooring its always a good idea to have just a little extra before installing. It gives you the option to pick through the boards for the right color, always having that right size that you need to pull together the look that will be in your home for a lifetime. 

What happens though when you have those couple boxes left over just sitting in your garage? You might consider saving some extra boards for any plank replacements you might need, but why stop there? Wood is a very versatile material with an endless number of uses. Let’s get creative with those planks and turn that money spent into unique forms of wood art!

Crafting Ideas

One way you can use extra planks is to find a flat surface anywhere you would like to have the wood look. It can be wainscoting, a cover for your cabinet or even to cover that kitchen island. One of the most popular ways to use leftover wood is for tabletops. The pieces fit together just like your flooring, all you would need to do is make a few cuts, use a few drops of glue and you are good to go, just don’t forget the coasters!

If you are feeling a little more crafty and are good with precise measurements you could also go for smaller projects. Really liven up a space with wall shelving or even take your current shelving and add a rustic backdrop. Looking around for a fancy new headboard for your bed? Make your own with your wood floor and run it up along the wall! Add wood frames to go with your family photos or even create your own woodsy word art.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to using wood. With it being a renewable resource, we use it for a multitude of projects yet it still is an essential part of our world. So let’s keep our wood flooring out of waste and into your home with new and creative ideas!