Why Finding Quality Hardwood Is Better Than Tile

Tile is known for its water-resistant properties and is often used in wet areas such as entryway and bathrooms. Major tile manufacturers have developed a patent-pending glaze technique for tile that provides protection against odor-causing bacteria and stains. Why bother with this when you can find a good deal on some hardwood floors for your home? Hardwood and Tile are both exceptional options but you might find a hardwood to have additional value.

Exceptional Value

Hardwood floors can be economical and provide you with extra value when selling your home. Also, wood flooring is known to protect against stains and bacteria as a bonus for your health. If you find a high-quality hardwood floor, these can be refinished many times in the future.

The challenge of finding a quality floor is knowing where to look. Hardwood flooring manufacturers closeout hundreds of product lines each year to make room for the newest trends. Before you visit a store, measure your rooms to figure out the square footage you need. This will help you take advantage of closeout lot deals. When a product gets down to limited square footage, they are heavily discounted to attract buyers. Be sure to budget extra for install if you plan to hire out the job. For smaller DIY projects try looking for a floating engineered hardwood.

Hardwood flooring enhances your home with additional value while providing lasting comfort for your feet. Did you know most hardwood flooring is warrantied for entryways, kitchens, and half-baths? Find out more about hardwood floors with your local flooring company or give Unique Wood Floors a call today.