Learn More About The Beautiful of Curupay Hardwood

To anyone interested in adding a new touch in their homes’ flooring, why not explore the world of exotic hardwood flooring from us here at Unique Wood Floors. We stock a huge variety of prefinished exotic and domestic wood floors. In addition, we also have many different styles, finishes, and applications.

Curupay, also known as Patagonian Rosewood, Angico, Tiger Mahogany, has a very distinct presence in its appearance. When first milled it can be a light colored wood with very pronounced dark stripping. When it comes to flooring there can be drastic variances between individual pieces of wood from a light cream to an almost black color. From freshly milled to fully aged Curupay does undergo a dramatic color change and the changes can be quite stunning. The “light” background, that opposites the striping, can change from cream or a soft orange to an elegant dark orange which makes the contrasts of the striping less noticeable.

In addition to being a beautiful wood for flooring, it is also one of the hardest woods. Curupay has a Janka hardness rating of 3840. To put this into perspective, Red Oak flooring has a hardness rating of 1290 therefore it is roughly 3x harder.

Curupay is an extremely dense and solid material that is often recommended for high traffic residential as well as commercial wood flooring applications. Curupay’s beautiful is only matched by its durability!