Cicerone Hefeweizen - Discontinued

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The Cicerone French Oak Collection features a stunning line of products ranging from lighter whitewash tones to deep rich colors of finely crafted brews. This collection also comes equipped with a matte lacquer finish that emits a low sheen and increased wear resilience. The fabulous color treatments enhance the beauty of wood grains and help disguise scratches and dents.

Cicerone Hefeweizen offers a soothing white tone with state-of-the-art grey-wash technology throughout the entire top layer.  By combining the color with the feel of hardwood, this product is perfect for those seeking a soothing light grey which opens the door to many creative decor options.

More Information
Warranty Yes
SKU STU50241
Collection Cicerone
Other Names French Oak
Color Medium
Structure Engineered Ply
Thickness 1/2"
Wear Layer 3 mm
Width 5"
Length Random to 6'
Texture Wire Brushed
Visual Grey Lye
Finish Matte Lacquer
Janka Hardness 1360 psi
Connection Tongue & Groove
Installation Nail Down / Floating / Glue Down
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