Ipocork Flooring


Ipocork Lisbon Chestnut

Produced by the multinational Amorim Group of Portugal. Amorim has origins in cork back to the 1870 and is the world leader in the sector today. Starting in 2009 Ipocork is Amorim’s solution to the sustainable flooring industry.

Approximately 200,000 tons of cork are harvested each year from Cork Oak trees found in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Algeria. Ipocork products are all produced by cork originating from Portugal which accounts for 50% of the world’s cork production. The Cork Oak National Tree occupies 23% of the national forest area and serves a key role in the country’s economics.

Cork Oak trees are highly sustainable and can be harvested without the need to cut down the tree. In addition to this, reforestation practices have yielded a 4% annual growth in the region. Cork Oak forests retain up to 14m tonnes of CO2 per year which is a great contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas.

The Ipocork brand is specially designed to serve the commercial grade cork market with WRT finish. Unique Wood Floors has been a long time supporter of the Ipocork brand due to their commitment to sustainability and excellence in quality structure. Unique Wood Floors serves as the main hub for distribution of Ipocork products in the United States and Canada.