TEKA Flooring


TEKA hardwood flooring located on the island of Java, Indonesia. Teka has its roots in manufacturing flooring for other major brands in the European market and has entered the US market in 2004. Since then Teka has transformed into a specialty brand focusing strictly on producing engineered European Oak. What sets this brand apart from many others is their years of experience in chemical reactive staining and investment in premium wood substrates improving the stability of their products up to 10x the amount of traditional solid hardwoods. Teka now produces 65 million square feet of flooring annually shipped to over 40 countries and featured in the Turning Torso or Malmo, Sweden the tallest building in Scandinavia.

Unique Wood Floors has been a Teka partner since 2005 with frequent factory visits and helped build the United States market since its inception. We now serve as the exclusive distributor for the Teka brand in the Midwest. With over a decade of experience, this brand has been amongst the leading brands we carry for low claim rates. We believe this is due to the highly stable core of each product making them less susceptible to environmental changes while upholding the most rigorous standards in environmental air quality protection.