Provenza Natural Cleaner Ready to Use Refill


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The Provenza Natural Cleaner contains natural oils ideal for the regular cleaning of oil finish wood floors. Specifically formulated and fully warranted for Provenza brand wood floors.

Directions for Use:

    • Sweep, dust mop or vacuum area to be cleaned.
    • Shake well before using. Ready to use, do not dilute.
    • Using a funnel, refill Provenza Natural Cleaner spray bottle.
    • Spray directly onto a small area and wipe with a slightly dampened microfiber cloth, mop or sponge.
    • Rinse microfiber cloth, mop or sponge with clean warm water after each sweep to rinse off dirt and grime.
    • Repeat until total area being treated has been cleaned.
    • Rinse spray nozzle after use to prevent clogging.