WOCA Oil Refresher – Natural 1L


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The WOCA Oil Refresher is an all in one protective oiling product for your wood floors. It deep cleans while adding oil protection all in one step. The WOCA Oil Refresher Natural is for natural or carbonized wood types. Woca Oil Refresher is a mild maintenance agent for the cleaning and maintenance of oiled and waxed wood floors. Oil Refresher Natural is used for naturally oiled wood floors or for wood floors oiled with Clours Oil. WOCA Oil Refresher combines optimum cleaning with a simultaneous re-application of oil. The oil component provides the surface of the wood with an additional mat protective film. The maintenance with Oil Refresher may also be carried out only partially. Using WOCA Oil Refresher helps the wood preserve its glow and natural colours even after multiple application, because the oil penetrates the wood and simultaneously generates a new protective mat oil film on the surface.


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