WOCA Master Cleaner


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WOCA Master Cleaner is suitable for the cleaning of all vinyl, laminated, lacquered, or poly-urethane finishes. Master Cleaner does not build up soap film, and therefore it is very suitable for surfaces requiring frequent cleaning.

  • To be applied manually or by machine
  • No film building
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying


How to:

  • Mix 125 ml WOCA Master Cleaner with 5 l water for the regular cleaning
  • Clean the floor with a hard-wrung mop/cloth. We recommend working with two buckets, one with clean water in which you wring the mop and one with soap solution
  • It is important not to leave any water on the surface after cleaning
  • Extremely dirty floors/difficult spots can be removed with Wood Cleaner or Spot Remover




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