7 Advantages of Installing White Oak Hardwood Flooring

White oak flooring both European and Domestic has been exploding in popularity in recent years. It may not be more popular than even red oak hardwood. There are many reasons for this. It has become obvious over the years that white oak hardwood provides a multitude of benefits that go over and above other flooring options. Here is a list of some of those benefits.

Modern and Contemporary Look and Feel

White Oak looks more modern and less traditional because it is not as graining as red oak. The rings of the white oak grow close together, giving it a smooth and uniform look. Linear mineral streaks also add to this look and provide the modern look with a vintage feel which fits well with many modern farmhouse or industrial styles.


White Oak has a decent hardness rating making it resilient to dents and gouges. Even in the scenario where your flooring gets a scratch the grains of your White Oak flooring will help hide these better than smooth grain floors.

Water Resistance

White oak flooring a perfect choice for kitchens because it is closed grain wood. This means that its pores are clogged with tyloses, so water and other liquids are not able to penetrate as easily. White Oak is widely used in boat construction and in front doors for just this very reason. You can also make great use of white oak in entry areas where wet boots and clothing can expose the floor to extra moisture. You will still need to clean up spills immediately since it is not completely waterproof but it does provide ample protection.

More Shade Options

White Oak goes very well with stains and reactive treatments. These are becoming more and more popular and white oak is the perfect canvas for them. The pores do a great job of absorbing stains giving your floors a nice rich hue. White oak is a subtle neutral color and goes well with gray and other understated shades. Not only that, but White Oak also goes well with darker stains and carbonizing. 


Despite all of the benefits white oak remains reasonably priced due to its well-maintained forestation standards in North America and Europe. It grows in abundance around the United States. With growing demands in White Oak due to industry trends, we foresee pricing of raw material to increase in the upcoming years.

Distressing Texture

You may want a farmhouse feel or a distressed look. Either way, the character that white oak provides makes it more natural and comfortable than other hardwood materials and products. Since white oak has a blander palette, the eye is drawn to those natural imperfections, such as knotholes and graining, that give it an interesting character when treated with wire brushing, saw marks, and hand scraping technology.

White oak is an amazing wood flooring product that provides you with a wealth of benefits. Many people do not even realize that there is a difference between red and white oak, but now you can make an educated flooring decision for your home.