3 Tremendous Benefits of Matte Wood Floors

When you have finally made a choice for wood species and color, one often overlooked factor is the gloss of your finish. Will it be high glossy or semi-gloss? Satin, perhaps? Or maybe it will be matte, which is a current trend. While gloss is the shiniest choice, matte reflects the least amount of light. Matte can help hide the imperfections and keep your floor looking better longer when compared to their shiny counterparts.

Visual Appeal

The latest flooring trends have been leaning towards rustic and natural appeal. That means that more homeowners are choosing distressed wood options, along with wider plants and yes, matte finishes. Matte can help add to that rustic feel while also adding a modern splash since it can look cleaner. Floors that are less shiny also look more natural and real, since wood is not a naturally shiny substance.


Durability is usually one of the main factors when choosing a wood floor and rightfully so. The type of wood you choose makes the biggest impact on how durable your floor would be. However, by choosing a finish with less gloss such as a satin or matte finish, you can hide damage and imperfections which will inevitably occur over time. While this does not mean that your floor is more durable, it can certainly retain its look and feel much longer than glossier finished floors by giving it a camouflage. This makes matte perfect for kids or and animals.


For some, matte finishes are a little too dull for them, but they still do not want the shine of a gloss or semi-gloss finish. Satin might be the right choice. It is slightly glossier than matte, so it retains some of the imperfection-hiding power. They simply make less of a “natural” or “rustic” statement than matte. If you are looking for a solid in-between option, then satin might be worthy of consideration.

Choosing the right flooring can be difficult. You want to make sure to maximize the visual appeal and style that you want while also considering the future value of your home. Matte is a hot trend right now new homeowners are actively seeking out.

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