3 Wood Flooring Trends We Will See in 2018

Wood flooring is a timeless option. Even with the incursion of simulated wood options, wood flooring will never go out of style. Read on to learn about the wood flooring trends we will likely see in 2018.

Trend #1: Satin Finished Wood Floors

Homeowners are starting to prefer less “polished” floors with Satin finishes becoming much more widespread. Matte finishes are amongst the fastest growing segment of flooring finishes. Satin finishes offer a fine balance between traditional semigloss and the trendy low gloss finishes and provide many of the benefits of each style.

Trend #2: Wider and Longer Hardwood Planks

Many of today’s homeowners have a strong desire for wider and longer hardwood planks. Wider planks have the benefit of generating a more “integrated” appearance – with less joint lines – which emphasizes the innate visual appeal of wood grains. Because the texture is going to be trending in 2018, we are anticipating that we will see intensified popularity for hardwoods that have distinctive hand-crafted and wire-brushing features. With the growing popularity of character grade engineered hardwood, this makes wider and longer planks possible to produce a structurally stable flooring with built-in value.

Trend #3: Diagonal / Angled Wood Floors

An increasing number of homeowners are installing their wood floors at an angle instead of straight on. If you applied this technique, your living space would have a contemporary and luxurious look. The materials and installation may cost a bit more, but that has never stopped people from creating beautiful works of art they can live on. We should expect to see these angled wood floors more often in the coming years.

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