Why You Should Consider Vent Covers For Your Hardwood Floors

Heat rises and that’s one of the reasons many homes have their duct vents in the floors. While this can be great for keeping your house warm on a cold winter day, the coated metal drop-in vent registers installed by most HVAC companies don’t do much for your interior decor — especially when placed in that beautiful prefinished wood floor that was just installed.

Fortunately, you have other options — vent registers are offered in numerous styles and species that can complement your hardwood floor. The vents are available as either flush mount that sits down even with the top of your wood floor or surface mount which can be simply be secured over the duct opening.

Flush Mount Vents

When installing new hardwood floors, flush mount vents should always be considered. These vents provide a seamless transition and provide an unmatched sense of style. A variety of patterns are available for those seeking something original.

Most common vent sizes are 4″ x 12″ and 2″ x 12″. To figure out what sizes you need for your wood registers just measure the inside of the ductwork openings. When measuring for flush mount vents, also pay attention to the thickness of your hardwood floors. It’s not uncommon for the metal ductwork of a floor vent to be slightly compressed during construction so make sure you push it all the way open before measuring. Remember that you’re ordering the size of the opening — not the overall size of the register.

Next time you do your hardwood floors check with your local flooring supplier or trusted salesperson for the best deals available. While these aren’t cheap it is totally worth it for the compliments you’ll receive.

Surface Mount Vents (Drop In)

Surface mount vents also known as a drop-in vent is a great alternative option for replacing your existing setup. These will not require any cutting to be installed, simply replace the old vents with the correct size and drop them in. First, you will want to find out the correct wood species and stain on your hardwood floors in order to match them up. For custom color matching, send a sample to your local dealer or give us a call today.