Benefits of Cumaru Brazilian Teak Wood Floors

Stronger than domestic hardwood species, Cumaru Brazilian Teak is an exotic wood used for solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring products. Homeowners can benefit from several characteristics of this species, including the strength and distinct appearance. Although the cost is a bit higher than popular domestics like Red Oak and Maple, Brazilian Teak creates a stunning look that lasts in any home.

Stronger Than the Average Floor

Sometimes referred to as Tonka or Tonka Bean, and often called simply Brazilian Teak, Cumaru Brazilian Teak grows in South America. It is similar in color to teak, presenting a red-brown hue in your living space.

Nearly as hard as Ipe/Brazilian Walnut and much harder than Red Oak and Santos Mahogany, Cumaru pulls in a 3540 rating on the Janka Hardness scale. This strength allows Brazilian Teak flooring to withstand heavy traffic, denting and scratching.

Heavy to handle, this type of wood flooring is fairly workable for installation. Our installers have found 18 gauge nails tend to work better than the standard 16 gauge. Pre-drilling may also be use to eliminate breaking off the tongue during installation.

Hire a professional when refinishing Cumaru wood floors. The natural strength of this wood requires heavy-duty sanders and Cumaru dust may cause an allergic reaction in some cases. Both solid hardwood and engineered wood floors can be refinished, although the lifespan of Brazilian Teak flooring is impressive.

Gorgeous Appearance

One of the main advantages to installing Brazilian Teak flooring is visual appeal. Clear grade Cumaru comes in a medium red-brown color, and is derived from the heart of the Cumaru tree. Select and Better grade offers some color variation and Rustic grade presents a much wider variance from deep red and brown to yellows.

Rustic grade Cumaru is rare and offers a truly distinct look in any home. Select and Better is available, but Clear grade is the most popular by far.

For a deeper brown appearance, opt for oil-based finishes. Water-based products maintain the natural beauty of Cumaru wood flooring, while lacquer can be applied to oil-based finishes to restore the original appearance.

Consider using Cumaru as an accent along with lighter wood flooring. Medallion and borders in Cumaru provide a stunning, dramatic appearance and dress up your living space beautifully.


Flooring retailers provide 1-foot to 7-foot long planks, most often prefinished. Average plank length is 3-feet. This product is milled down in South America and shipped up to the US with a durable finish already applied. You may be able to source it out unfinished, but expect to pay a premium price for onsite finishing.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak is widely grown down south, and availability remains positive. Despite stricter local regulations and fewer logging operations, Brazilian Teak remains a popular, well-stocked product.

Talk to your flooring retailer about the benefits of using Cumaru Brazilian Teak wood floors in your home. This wood provides a durable, attractive finish in a dark hue, ideal for dining areas, open living spaces and entrance foyers. Compare Cumaru and you’ll likely fall in love with the stunning appearance and surprising strength.