Benefits of UV Oil Finish on Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floors need a durable finish that maintains the visual appeal and natural comfort of wood. Although polyurethane finishes remain popular, UV oiled finishes provide a variety of benefits that attract discerning homeowners. When you’re looking for something upscale and distinct, consider the benefits of UV oil finish on hardwood floors of all types.

Beautiful Appearance

Most homeowners invest in hardwood floors because they appreciate the look of real wood. That distinctive natural grain, texture, and color set hardwood apart from many other synthetic flooring materials by adding a sense of genuine beauty to your living space. UV oil finishes capture the spirit of wood and preserve that native beauty for years and years. This allows you to more fully appreciate it.

As with other types of oil, this finish brings out the natural wood hue, as opposed to staining or tinting the plank. Most oiling processes consist of several coats, which tend to richen the wood without altering the natural color.

Smooth Surface

UV oil also creates a more comfortable surface on your hardwood flooring. High-gloss finishes that coat the planks with polyurethane tend to present a cool surface, while oiled wood floors are warm and soothing for your bare feet.

Oil soaks into the flooring during this finishing process, becoming crystallized within the wood fibers and leaving a transparent topcoat on the planks. This film is flexible and creates a soft matte finish that’s water repellant and resistant to traffic wear and tear.

Durable and Forgiving

High-gloss finishes tend to show scratches easily due to the amount of light reflected, flooring manufacturers have adapted to semigloss or matte finishes in recent years. With UV oil finished hardwood flooring you can hide these small markings due to the matte finish reflecting low light. A soft matte finish helps markings and dents blend into the existing grain, without a noticeable contrast in the topcoat.

This impressive level of strength and adaptability makes oiled floors the ideal choice for cottages and lake houses where dirt and sand are part of the appeal of the home. Suburban and urban homes can also benefit from this durable floor finish, presenting a beautifully smooth surface despite high levels of traffic and consistent wear.

Experts recommend re-oiling your hardwood floors every three to five years and moisturizing every 6 months. Fortunately, sanding is not required and most handy homeowners can reapply oil quickly and efficiently.

Just as with all types of hardwood flooring, oiled floors must be swept and vacuumed on a regular basis, and all liquids should be promptly cleaned up to avoid staining and warping. Ask your flooring retailer about the best cleaning products to use on your new UV oil finished hardwood flooring.

For a natural appearance and comfortable surface, consider investing in oiled wood floors. Distinctive and durable, this type of hardwood is available in a wide range of species. Your family deserves a relaxing, cozy living space, and UV oil is the ideal hardwood floor finish to choose.