Dog Lover’s Guide To Buying Floors

We get a lot of questions from customers asking which floors are best when they have dogs. Here are a few tips to help pick wood flooring that will be great for both the homeowner and their dogs.

1) Start with a hardwood floor

Start by looking at a Janka Hardness Scale. This measures a wood’s resistance to dents and dent related wear. The higher the Janka rating, the more resilient the wood will be to scratches. Oak is the standard by which hardwood floors are measured and anything harder than that is a bonus. Softer wood like American Walnut, American Cherry, Pine, or Birch will have the tendency to dent more easily.

2) Textured surfaces help

Due to a revolution in the hardwood floor industry textured surfaces come in a variety of different styles. A textured surface can be wire-brushed, hand scraped, or employ other distressing techniques. Wirebrushing removes some of the softer woods in the grain and highlights the natural beauty and deep grain texture. Any scratch will blend in with the floor and help the floor to maintain its natural look and feel.

3) Color variation acts as a natural camouflage 

While lighter colors help hide any shedding of dog fur. A floor with some color variation will also help camouflage any imperfections found in the finish from wear and tear by drawing attention away from scratches and dents.

4) Pay attention to the reflection

Cracks in a mirror are much more noticeable than cracks on a stone. While this is an extreme example, this same concept can be applied to hardwood floor finishes. A matte finish will reflect the least amount of light which helps the floor look cleaner longer. It also helps to hide any imperfections and keep your floor with a new look compared to the more shiny finishes. A matte finish looks more natural and real, since wood is not a natural shiny substance.

5) Choose an oil and waxed floor

An oiled and waxed floor is more natural because the oil penetrates into the wood and become part of the floor.  Dust, dirt and small scratches are more concealed. Oiled floors have a natural feel and gives your pets more traction. The other big advantage it is easier to repair than other floors. It can be done by any Joe Schmoe simply by using a cloth and some floor oil.

No wood floor is bulletproof when it comes to scratches, dents or wear but following these 5 tips will help keep your floor looking and feeling like new. Woof Woof!