Should My Floors Match My Cabinets?

Cabinets and hardwood floors in your home go together like salt and pepper, Romeo and Juliet, Batman and Robin… you get the idea. Picking out a floor or cabinet you like is an easy task and in the end, should work just as well together. However, it becomes increasingly difficult once you’ve already selected one and must make sure the other makes a good sidekick. After all, they’ll forever be an inseparable pair in the world of your homes décor.

Today we’ll look to decipher the myths behind choosing cabinet styles and colors when taking into consideration your hardwood floors. Before we start, let us dive into your own personal style. What theme do you want your space to have? Do you see it as a woodsy cabin out on the lake or an urban, loft style with a wide range of colors and surfaces? First I want you to imagine what you want your space to look like… let your imagination run wild. Got it? Good! Let us move forward to our main topic of the cabinets matching your flooring. When you pictured your space did they match or were they more of a contrast?

See designers often opt to mix it up by providing great contrast between floors and cabinets giving the room a focus. What you need to consider though is what do you want to stand out in your space? Yes, flooring can be one of your focal points! When designers provide the two as contrasting surfaces they are creating a balance of visual interest to your space. Think about it this way, when you have two different busy textures, one on your cabinets and the other with your flooring the area becomes loud and heavy. What your eyes need is a breaking point or a place to rest.

Not only do you need to consider texture but you should also consider color as well. Color can be dark, light, bold, neutral and most colors carry with it emotional responses. I know that is getting a little deep, but have you ever been in a space that is really modern and has a lot of light colors and clean surfaces? Does it feel light and airy, maybe even a little cold vs if you were in a room with darker colors and deep oranges or reds that make your space feel warm and heavy? That is why before you choose what flooring and cabinets you want, you really need to pinpoint what style and feeling you want the space to convey

If you’ve done your homework, selecting your flooring will be a breeze. Think about what you want to stand out the most. Will it be your cabinets, flooring, or maybe even a tile backsplash and go from there. See what colors you chose and bring out those colors in your other choices. This will help to tie everything together. Using dark flooring and wanting the flooring to stand out? Choose lighter cabinets. Be very careful with the texture and character of your floor so these two can work together.

Choosing wood flooring to match your cabinets doesn’t have to be an intimidating process but an amazing adventure into a beautifully created space that reflects your personality. After all, it’s your world…

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