Floor Muffler Ultraseal Underlayment Installation Tips

When purchasing new flooring, one of the biggest determining factors for which type you choose is cost. A great way to reduce the cost of your new laminate flooring is by installing the Floor Muffler Ultraseal Underlayment yourself. Using Floor Muffler ultraseal underlayment will help protect your flooring from moisture and make your floor softer and quieter. Here’s a quick guide to install it.

Clean and Inspect Your Subfloor

Subfloors are magnets for dust, debris, and dirt. Make sure to sweep it out as best as you can to make sure your underlayment lays properly. After cleaning it out, inspect it closely not just for leftover debris, but for any cracks, bumps, or anything that might have an affect on the installation.


Start with the underlayment flush against the wall. Start by taping it down against the wall, then by rolling outward. You should install the underlayment in the opposite direction from how your flooring will be installed. Otherwise, the locking system will line up with the underlayment seam and not be as effective. After this, you can cut the underlayment, but make sure to leave enough to roll to the wall. Then, you can remove the film that is located under the underlayment. You will need to pull it out.

Repeat the Process

Next, You will position another roll next to the first one. Make sure they are lined up evenly side-by-side. There should be no overlapping or gaps. This second roll, and all subsequent rolls, should be installed in the same direction as the first one.


At this point, you can take off the liner covering the adhesive, which will secure the underlayment in place. This will prevent any shifting or overlapping as you install the flooring.

Install Your Flooring

After that, it is time to install your new flooring. Make sure you follow the instructions provided by the flooring manufacturer or retail outlet. You should go one plank at a time, and one section of floor at a time.

There you go. Your brand new floor is now all set up and looking great. It will feel great with Floor Muffler Ultraseal Underlayment.

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