How to Choose Hardwoods For Your Home

You need to use your imagination when you set out to buy planks for your hardwood floors. There are many kinds of wood you can choose from but you need to choose the one that is just the right size and color for your house. Following are some easy instructions that you can follow in order to choose the best wide hardwood planks for your floors:

Choose Wood That Will Compliment Your Room

For wood floors to look good it is absolutely necessary that you choose wood with the grain, hue and finish that appeals to you the most and that enhances and compliments the furniture and lighting around your house or room. The most important thing is the appeal and aura that the new wood flooring will create. Try to picture whether tan, blond or amber will look good in your house or deeper hues will look best according to the light in the room. Lighter woods such as birch, pine, red and white oak can give an airy look to your dimly lit room. Darker ones such as deeply hued wood such as cherry or walnut can give a formal and elegant look to your room and are best suited for places like an office or a study.


Wood can last for generations provided it is taken care of. If you chose wood that is harder than oak such as ash, birch, or maple then they are harder to finish as compared to oak and you can leave them in their natural state. On the other hand, oak is the best choice if you want to adjust the hue on the flooring. If you want to generate a rustic appeal then using heartwood pine is the best option to give your house a warm and bright Early American look.

Choosing the Width of the Plank

Wide plank hardwood floors 5+ inches in width are ideal for large or medium-sized rooms. The natural pattern of wood is more visible on larger planks and will have a greater effect. If you want to give your house and room a grander look then wide wood planks are the way to go.

Choosing a Finish

Choosing the right finish will help you enhance the tone and brightness of the wood. The finish can also be used to adjust the hue of the floor according to the requirements of your room or house. High gloss floors will offer a sophisticated style while low gloss floors might be more suited to a modern farmhouse style.

Imagine the Transformation

Once you have chosen the wood spend some time in the place that you are going to re-floor. This will help you picture how your room or certain space in the house will look like once your chosen wood planks are in place.

Final Word of Advice

Ask a flooring consultant what he thinks about your chosen wood plank to have a clearer picture and also an expert’s advice.
Follow the mentioned steps and you will have no trouble in choosing wide hardwood planks for your floors. Unique Wood Floors has been helping people select hardwood floors that fit their personal style since 2003. Visit one of their showrooms or give them a call today.