Make Your Solid Hardwood Flooring Look Like New for Christmas

This Christmas you are going to have the family get together at your house, so you want your home to be sparkling, starting with your solid wood floor.

Here are a few tips on how to make your wood floors look like new:

  • Use a fine broom when you sweep your solid hardwood flooring.
  • Use a brush attachment when you vacuum to avoid causing surface scratches.
  • Use #000 steel wool and a small amount of wax to remove water stains and white spots on your solid hardwood flooring.
  • Use fine steel wool and a small amount of wax to rub out heel marks.
  • Use ice on chewing gum that has stuck to your solid hardwood flooring and wait until it becomes brittle to pry it off.
  • Use a hot pressing iron and an ink blotter to remove crayon or candle wax stains by placing the ink blotter on the wax and applying the iron to the top of the blotter.

When you have successfully cleaned your solid hardwood flooring, your guests will notice because it will shine like new.