Popular Patterns for Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors come in a wide range of colors and grain patterns. Consumers can also choose between various profiles and plank widths, further customizing the look of their flooring and creating a unique atmosphere in their home. Another way to make your living space fresh is by opting for one of the popular patterns for hardwood floors, combining all of the above options in one beautiful finish.

Beyond Parquet Floors

Hugely popular in the 1960s and 1970s, parquet flooring originated in France hundreds of years ago and presents an intricate herringbone pattern. Although many vinyl and tile products aim to imitate this hardwood flooring pattern, nothing looks as good as the real thing. When installed by an experienced pro, parquet flooring adds impeccable style to your home.

But modern hardwood floor patterning has moved beyond the traditional parquetry style. Particularly stunning across wide expanses of flooring, a larger herringbone pattern works very well. Picture a long seam through the middle of your room (or following another designated line), with planks running at 45-degree angles away from that seam in an oversized arrow pattern. The effect is striking.

Colored parquet patterns have also made waves in recent interior design movements. Combine light and dark wood stains within the conventional parquet pattern to create a three dimensional depth on the floor. Be careful not to go overboard. A busy looking floor tends to distract the eye, especially when done in tight spaces like a hallway or foyer.

Basket Weave and Marquetry

An American answer to the French parquetry, basket weave hardwood floor patterns look just as you might imagine. Using short and often thin planks of hardwood, this pattern creates a woven look in small squares, combining into the look of textured beauty across a larger surface.

Consider this pattern for colonial homes and for a more rustic appearance. Combine dark and light stains to echo the 3D effect mentioned above, and take this popular pattern to a whole new level.

Marquetry stems from Italy and leaves the design options wide open. Most marquet floors feature a wavy live, often used to accentuate a wall or window or to visually separate living spaces in an open concept home. Some also offer mosaic patterns within or use a contrasting color within the wavy line to increase drama.

Inlaids and Medallions

Perhaps one of the easier ways to capture the look of a patterned hardwood floor, inlaids and medallions are installed in one section of the floor as a focal point. Common shapes include stars, circles and ovals.

Whether you opt for a matching color or lay a floor medallion in contrasting tones, this flooring detail can be used to set off a sitting area, add flair to your entrance or capture a theme in the kitchen, home office or dining space.

You can also create your own inlaid shapes and hardwood flooring patterns with smaller planks and pieces stained a different color. An experienced hardwood flooring contractor can move beyond the geometric patterns by combining marquetry techniques and rounded medallions, helping your hardwood floors to stand above the beauty we’ve all come to expect.